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Almost every dog is trainable, yet the time required for training may vary depending on the breed. Some dogs are easier to train while others require more effort and attention. Below are the top 5 dog breeds that are easy to train.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are athletic and agile. These dogs are easy to train and socialize very quickly. This is the reasons why we mostly see German Shepherds during security operations at the airports.

This breed is eager to learn and hardworking too. The size and appearance of this dog may look intimidating, but it has turned out to be a reliable and faithful animal.

Border Collie

Border Collie training

These dogs are obedient and intelligent, making it easy to train them within less time and effort. With the ability to learn things quickly, this breed learns most of their training stuff at the earliest stage. However, you have to train these dogs at the initial phase of their life to prevent them from learning bad habits.

The Border Collie is bold and endearing. It displays ans instinctive behavior to react quickly and with pinpoint accuracy.


The level of intelligence is relatively higher in these breeds, allowing you to train them without any hassle. They learn new commands easily and respond well when you ask them to perform a particular action.

Just like Border Collie, this breed appears to be obedient and friendly. In fact, it is the most reliable option for almost every family. The poodle is an adaptable, affectionate, and intelligent breed for a variety of purposes.

Labrador Retriever

Since the food motivation of this breed is intense, they are good dogs to train. This breed has been used for duck hunting for a quite long time. Labrador is a brave dog, which is not even afraid to jump into the water. They are used to hear the gunshots and hence don’t get panic with sudden loud sounds.

Labs are naturally affable and show gentle behavior with strangers. So it makes them a great choice for most of the families.


It is small in size, yet a highly trainable breed. People usually overlook the abilities of this dog by simply looking at its size. Despite being little, they are incredibly trainable, smart, and reliable dogs. In fact, a lot of dog trainers find them easy to train. This is so, as Papillons are known for their agility and instinctive behavior.

Moreover, this breed is easy to live with as compared to the big and strong herding dog. They socialize quickly and pay attention to what the owner is asking them to do. Their tiny face and adorable appearance make them a perfect pet for teenagers.


When it comes to training the dogs, you first need to know their particular characteristics. The most noticeable characteristics of an easy to train dog include their motivation towards food, socializing abilities, and level of focus. If you can find these essential aspects, it is relatively easy to train such a dog.