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  1. Dog Alone in Car

Whenever you get out of your car leaving your dog in the car you should at least open a window because a car can sometimes become a heat trap that can suffocate your dog and sometimes even lead to death. How tough is the condition you should not leave a dog in a car?

  1. Dog in Chain

Every dog must have a right to access outdoors. Sometimes if the condition is out of hand you could chain a dog but it is no right thing to do. You should not ever tie a dog with a chain in some hot weather climate. Dogs are not to be left alone in some chain that can make them wild.

  1. Dog’s Teeth

You should have a checkup of your dog’s teeth every year so you can prevent any disease and any harmful thing from your dog. It is advised to have a regular teeth checkup of your dogs. They can be cleaned with regular kids brush or some other small brushes.

  1. Hitting a Dog

Hitting your dog as a punishment to it should not be done. It will destroy any bond between you and your dogs and can make a dog to commit some serious aggressive attacks. Hitting a dog can make him feel distrusted towards you.

  1. Dog’s Feelings

Dogs are not some dead creatures they have the ability to understand the world and have some real emotions. There is a myth that a dog can understand emotions through the faces of people. Dogs have the ability to be happy and unhappy.

  1. Dog Checkup

The people who have no sense and are uneducated interned do no checkups of their dog. People say animals cannot be treated but there are many animal hospital care centers all over the world. The treatment checkups of a dog should be carried out every year so it would not carry some diseases.

  1. Crate for Dogs

Children and dogs are not similar; a dog shouldn’t have a cage time grounded. By grounding your dog into a cage as a form of punishment can make your dog think like that shelter is not a good place for him. A crate should be only used in some serious condition.

  1. Street Passers

You should train your dog not to annoy any people that are crossing in its way. It may sometimes lead to harmful act for that person and even for your dog. The Street Passers are to be cared not to interfere with any problems with your dog.

  1. Unnecessary Noises

You should not make your dog make any useless for fun in your crowded neighborhood. The dogs sometimes make some unusual noises when they want. You should train your dog’s not to make any useless noise. This not only makes the neighborhood to be disturbed but also create some hatred towards your dog in the neighborhood. This is very common in many houses with dog owners.