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A dog is Man’s best friend, but we cannot expect it to be loyal to us as soon as we bring it home. Like every animal, a dog needs the training to listen to your commands. So, teaching basic commands to your dog, here are some tips. Remember these commands are only taught by sharing affection.

  1. Sit

The sit command is the most basic command to teach your buddy. Firstly, take a reward or treat for your dog close to his nose. It will immediately react to it and will try to eat it. Now, as soon as he catches the scent of the treat move your hand above his head so that his bottom will lower following the treat above his head. Now that he is in the sitting position say “SIT” and give him the treat and some love. Repeat this activity so that he gets accustomed to it.

  1. Come

Come command is especially essential to teach to your dog as if it might get loose and its leash is broken you can call him by simply saying come. It’s simple. Put a leash on your dog and gently pull the leash toward yourself uttering “COME” as soon as he comes towards you give him a treat and show affection and repeat.

  1. Stay

This command can be taught to your highly energized friend with the help of sit command. Order your puppy to sit and then by showing the palm of your hand move back a little and say “STAY” if the dog stays give him a treat and show love. Take some extra step backward and treat him every time he obeys.

  1. Down

This can be a little difficult to teach. Take a good smelling treat in your hand and move it close to your dog’s nose as soon as he sniffs it, move your hand towards the ground in front of him. Now the dogs usually tend to sit and lean towards your hand, is this does happen to say “NO” to it. Now move your hand towards the ground again and when he leans on the ground give him the treat. Repeat this action from time to time.

  1. Leave it

Leave it command is tough to teach and needs your patience. Hold treats in both your hands and then take your right hand in front of your dog, let him sniff it and if trying to lick, bark or bite, etc. ignore him completely. When he stops trying to get the treat and starts looking towards you, give him the treat from your other hand. Repeat this activity a few times.

Now it does not end here. Take to treat again in your hand one your dog likes and one he doesn’t like. Now place the treat in front of him, which he doesn’t like and say, “LEAVE IT” and cover it with your hand. If he stops and looks at you then give him the treat he loves. Repeat this activity from time to time.