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We are all at some point worried about what to feed our little pup for better development or old chump because it is getting pretty old. Although feeding your dog the right stuff is a big deal but it’s not a problem that you should get worried about. It can either be home cooked or locally available pet food. Well putting these things aside before you make any major diet changes for your puppy, try asking the veterinarian first about your dog’s health and other stuff. Now here are some things that might prove helpful to you regarding your dog and his diet.


Well, home cooked food is always the best whether its for humans or animals. Giving your pup raw diet or something home cooked will be healthier for it than the processed food at the market as pet food contains a lot of calories and causes issues like obesity.


Checking the labels of the dog food at your supermarket is never a bad idea as you can know if the pet food contains any allergen or any other sort of weird element mixed. You can ask the store manager about this as they always strive to deliver the best products to their suppliers and consumers. Keep a track of what you are feeding your dogs and how does it affect them.


In making the comparison for wet or dry food for your dog the preferable one is the dry one because it is good for the pup’s teeth and have other benefits however wet one is for ones that don’t consume many fluids. Pet food has a lot of calories but is full of nutrition and should be carefully bought according to the stage of your dog.


Here are some little ingredients that you might consider adding to your dog’s diet to keep it well balanced. Green tripe is a good herb to give to your dog for a healthy stomach, similarly, Milk thistle is good for it if he is exposed to some kind of toxins and other stuff like coconut oil and raw eggs are also a good source of nutrition for your dogs. Although it is advised to get highlights from your Vet.


It is always best to inquire about your pup’s diet plans according to its age. Most of the people tend to overfeed their dogs. A pup below 6-months or 6-months old should be fed 3 to 4 times a day. However, after 6 months twice would be enough. When it turns into an adult once or twice a day. Remember to take your dog out for exercise to maintain its normal and healthy body weight. The food routine for an old chump might vary from others as it has to be pretty well balanced and complete as they might be suffering from acute diseases.


Keep these food items away from your pup. They can cause serious issues otherwise.

Chocolate, onion, garlic, salty foods, raw yeast dough, milk and lactose containing products and citrus. They can act as a poison to your dog.