Nov 04

How To Protect Your Identity While Surfing On the Web

By Nellie Condon | Protect Your Identity

If you are regularly using the Internet and computers and if you are using the Web, you have probably noticed how important it is to keep your identity private. In this article, we will be discussing some of the major issues for concern when using the Internet and how you can protect yourself and your identity.

Safety Comes First

Of course, your safety comes first, and this is something you should have in mind. Do not share personal information online so that everyone can see them. This can get your safety into question since many people do not even realize how vulnerable they make themselves by revealing all these pieces of information.

Do Not Share Your Whereabouts

469951107-crop-580729ad3df78cbc28eeb588When people use social media and the internet, they get too excited to share their exact location. This can, of course, make you vulnerable to various predators, who will use this information to harm you. It is for the best that you protect these pieces of information and share it with people of whom you are certain are your friends.

Pics Of Kids

It can be especially difficult to avoid putting up a pic of your kid! After all, these adorable little buggers are the center of your life! Still, there have been numerous situations in which this practice has led to serious problems. You do not want to compromise the safety and identity of your child, so if you want to show off with your offspring, at least make sure that you take their photos from behind, or so that other people cannot see their faces.

Who Are Your Real Friends?

Needless to say, but it seems that people lead their lives in the virtual world and even more so with the emersion of these social networks. Still, how many real friends you have? Who are your friends in the real world? The online world and web surfing pull us away from the real world, and this is something which is not healthy or recommendable.

oldFinding Friends

When you are approving of people who are your friends online, all you can use for confirmation of their identity is what you see on the screen. Of course, there are many possibilities that these people are not who they say they are. I am not saying you should not meet new people online, all I am saying is that it is beneficial for your wellbeing that you remain cautious and protect your identity.

How To Protect Your Identity

What you should avoid is sharing all the information about yourself online with people you do not know. You can, of course, share some information with everyone, and you can share some information with your close friends, but it is important to learn how to use all the filters which can help you protect your safety and reach a satisfying level of protection even when you are online. Also, remember to have fun and live in the real world as well!

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